choose to be involved and contribute to the advancement of technology based on our knowledge, skills, experience and instinct. We hope to contribute to the growth of the chosen technology while we grow into a stronger and more competitive organization, and help create better individuals, InsyaAllah.

The Company

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ATIEN INDUSTRIES started with an idea of pursuing business activities that fulfill niche segments. Technologies of choice are IT, Telecommunication, and design. Small it may be, significance and quality is the key to our continuing effort. Through time, our focus and direction will change to suit the business environment.

Our Business


Atien Industries Sdn Bhd is today focuses in three interrelated business activities as follows:

  • Construction management
  • Information and Communication technology (ICT)
  • Contract supply



Other products came to our attention over the years and they are not necessarily in the ICT field. In the supply business, our role is to match between demand and supply, we either found the demand or the supply first.

While we supply, we have access to the product development team and provide them with special requirements of our client.

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