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Fire Proof Safe



Fire have always been a thread to everyone and everything. businesses built up over generation, newly formed companies, major corporations and small firms have all suffered. To most, the loss of irreplaceable documentation may or will result in closure of business. We can provice u with a solution, a Fire Proof Safe.




  Designed to provide maximum security on fire and burglary. V-Ridge design is built to prolong the heat transition towards the internal sector of the safe and also to prevent smoke from getting through. the V-Ridgedesign also provides you an interlocking feature to create a tougher situation for any conventional tool attack. Built with purpose specific design, the safe is further fortified with a special insulation material called Thermal Expanded MicrofoamThermal Expanded Microfoam is a technology adapted from japanese safe maker to provide you a better security against fire and burglary.
Locking System  


  Comprises of a "1:1,000,000" 3 wheel keyless combination lock along with a Cylinder Lick to increase the range of security and also to work along side with the body structure to provide maximum security.


  A separate drawer is included to increase the gap between the body and the drawer. It works by creating air buffer between the body and the drawer to prolong heat transition. As we all know air is week in term of heat conduction.
  In the series we provide you with 6 sizes in single tone or two tone to choose from. The paint also provide you with a minor degree of protection against unintentional scratches or dents.

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