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Al-Quran: Seven-in-One


Smart book Al-Quran: "Seven in One" is a book discussion of seven components assemble. In answer to how to easily learn and appreciate and practice the Al-Quran. Smart book Al-Quran: "Seven in One" was written by Assoc. Dr. Wahbah Zuhaili, Muhammad Adnan Salim, Dr. WAHBI Solomon, and Bassam Mohammed Zein Rusydi. Smart book Al-Quran: "Seven in One" is translated from the original title in Arabic texts Al-Mausu'ah al-al-Muyassarah Qur'aniyyah which was published in 2004.

Among the privileges of Al-Quran Smart Book Seven in One are:

  • Al-Quran 30 complete constituents produced in full color. Suitable for beginning readers and also the skilled reader.
  • Suitable to learn to read the Quran, because Al-Quran Smart Book Seven in One “tajwid” comes fluently through the colors that appear.
  • Detailing Asbabun Nuzul (for reasons falling verses the Quran) on the same page for ease of understanding why and on what a verse was revealed.
  • Translate each sentence in the text accompanying the verses of Al-Quran.
  • A complete interpretation of the Koran published in the Smart Book Qur'an: "Seven in One".
  • Dictionary meaning of the verses of the Al-Quran through the full meaning of Index.
  • Facilitate the words of the Al-Quran through a complete word index at the end of Book Seven Intelligent Quran in One.

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