choose to be involved and contribute to the advancement of technology based on our knowledge, skills, experience and instinct. We hope to contribute to the growth of the chosen technology while we grow into a stronger and more competitive organization, and help create better individuals, InsyaAllah.

Information Communication Technology (ICT)


ICT has been and will always be our core activity with our own in-house competency. Skills acquired and experiences gain by the directors and key personnel has been fully utilized during our development phase. Current trend indicate that non ICT companies started developing their own in-house IT competencies and making inroads in an ever expending ICT scope of work.


We are focus on our core competencies and adapting those skills set and applies in various fields such as:

  • Greenfield and General ICT Consulting
  • Application Development
  • Education and Training.


ICT infrastructure is no longer an “add on” item in construction of buildings or campuses. It is now an item as part of electrical services to be designed and built alongside other services. We have been engaged by Consultant companies to work together in designing the ICT infrastructure for Greenfield sites such as university campuses. This design includes the followings:

  • Ducting and manholes from the last TM manhole to the MDF
  • Ducting and manhole from the MDF to all buildings for Fibre optics and Telephone lines
  • Fibre optic cables inter building as well as intra building to the data points
  • Voice lines from the PABX to the rooms
  • Horizontal cabling with UTP cables
  • Network equipments
  • CCTV and Access controls systems

Besides Greenfield, we offer System integration consulting which would include supervisory role during implementation. One of the key success factors in ICT implementation is the ability to design, supervise and test a total system for an organization.


IT applications has evolved from being stand-alone system to a fully integrated enterprise wide applications that require substantial integration i.e. data and information transfer from one application to another seamlessly. Users are more demanding to be able to access and merge data and presented into a meaningful visual graphical interface. Through system integration, data from various application systems can be filtered, massage, analyze and presented in a precise manner required to suit a certain condition. One of the areas where integration is a requirement is when there is a need to combine real time processing data with management data. A typical example of integration is the convergence of multiple applications in a single organization, be it real time or management in the form of Portal as the entry gateway to its managed information.

The concept adopted is the ability to understand the requirements of the client and matching them with the proven solution that exist in the market. The effort is then on customization of the system to the client environment and its business processes. Or, the alternative is to modify some of the existing client’s business process to maximize the capability of the system to be installed.

We have been involved in this activity either at the personnel level as well as company level for over a decade. One of the key area is the concept solution level and interpreting this concept into a practical system. The key components are resource management, quality assurance, risk management, test plan and training methodology.


Education is a must in our daily undertaking and it is a major business areas. We have positioned ourselves to offer such services and it is just the beginnings. Several attempts have been made in developing products and training modules but have not been very successful to date. We are now seeking opportunities to develop teaching/learning modules using our IT skills and knowledge.

One of a major extension to education is the use of Computer aided learning to assist the teacher to disseminate information as well as for student to review on relearn the subject math. With the proliferation of animation technology, content developer now able to present a topic via text, voice, video and animation. Furthermore, there is a new development on use of technology platform and will speed up the development of a complete teaching / learning module.

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