choose to be involved and contribute to the advancement of technology based on our knowledge, skills, experience and instinct. We hope to contribute to the growth of the chosen technology while we grow into a stronger and more competitive organization, and help create better individuals, InsyaAllah.


While we embark on new and more challenging endeavor, we do not ignore or sidelined our initial and fruitful ventures. That was, and is the telecommunication sector with our own design and development of the Universal Network Terminator (ISDN NT). We outsource the manufacturing while managing the development. The ISDN NT is still in demand, albeit lesser in quantity and requires attention and further development to maintain the functional quality.

Other products came to our attention over the years and they are not necessarily in the ICT field. In the supply business, our role is to match between demand and supply, we either found the demand or the supply first. While we supply, we have access to the product development team and provide them with special requirements of our client.

The following are our product range that we believe has the demand in the Malaysian market:

  • Universal Network Terminator (ISDN NT)
  • Computers, peripherals and systems
  • Seven In One – Al-Quran
  • Karya Agung

We believe that central to supply business is the process and financial management. This attention ensure that we understand the client requirements and able to fulfil them on time and on budget.

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